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Skechers was born in California in 1992 and has been bringing footwear to the world ever since. Checkout our blog for spotlights on hot new Skechers styles, what’s trending in footwear and the latest ideas in Healthy Living!

Skechers in the kitchen with Ben Ungermann

Ben Ungermann, MasterChef Australia Runner up in 2017, has become an Ice Cream king and opened his very own Ice Cream Parlour in Ipswich Australia called, Ungermann Brothers! With him and his team being on their feet all day, they need comfortable and supportive footwear in the kitchen. Ben talks below about why he loves Skechers to work in.

Skechers have long been known for its performance and comfort in many different fields, but now I have taken the brand into my kitchens. Before my long venture in the Masterchef Australia competition, I used to work for Skechers in Brisbane. When I decided to follow my dream of working in the food industry, Skechers whole heartedly backed and supported me during this massive transition in my life. 

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When I announced that I was opening a retro ice cream parlour with my brother Danny, I kitted out our entire team in the most durable and comfortable shoes for my employees. The Ungermann Brothers team have a retro style 50's uniform, but I wanted my team to have the freedom to be individual and wear any style of Skechers shoes they liked. From the latest Skechers GoStrike to the Skechers GoRun Mojo the team are working in style and comfort with the safest work shoes around.

The grip is fantastic on the kitchen floor and tiles, regardless of liquid and spillages. The shoes tend to mould to your feet and make getting through the long days churning ice cream in the kitchen much more bearable. I am a big advocate for quality in all aspects of life, including food and of course my preference of footwear. Skechers are my choice in the kitchen.

Posted on 22/03/2018
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