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Wanting to work out in the comfort of your own home? We have some tips for you to make it easy!

It’s the New Year and you may overhear friends saying ‘I really need to get fit!’ Most people automatically think they need to spend money on joining the gym but the good news is you don't need a gym membership to feel fabulous and ‘get fit.’ Plus summer means great weather so why not spend more time outside!

One of the most appealing things about working out at home is the convenience. Save yourself the commute to the gym and spend that extra time training, doing some stretching and meditation or making a post-workout snack.

Circuit training is a very popular way to get fit. A time-efficient circuit will include stations with exercises which build your core muscles, cardio fitness and strength. To warm up - go for a short walk/run/bike around the block or try 3-4 minutes of step ups or dynamic stretches. Get your favourite music cranking too!

A simple and effective circuit could include 6 stations: 2 of these being cardio exercises (eg. step ups, burpees), 2 strength exercises (eg. squats, lunges, bridging, push ups) and 2 core exercises (eg. front or side plank, back extensions). On each station decide on a set work and rest period. For example, 30 seconds of doing the step ups (work) and then have 30 seconds of rest/transition before starting the next exercise station or use this same work to rest ratio on your bike or treadmill. This work to rest period (30:30) is suitable for someone starting out. Continue moving from station to station until you have completed all 6 stations. Try to complete the full circuit (6 exercises) 3 - 4 times if you can!

To make things super easy download a free ‘interval timer’ app on your phone. You can personalise these to your work:rest ratio's or have a watch or wall clock to work off. When your fitness and strength progress you can either increase the work period or reduce the rest/transition time.

WRITTEN BY FITNESS EXPERTS RedefinedU Ltd FROM Auckland, New Zealand

Posted on 24/01/2018
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