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We all need advice from Mum from time to time | Skechers AU

With Mother’s day fast approaching it is a time to reflect on all the wonderful things Mother’s do for us, and the great advice they give. With the crazy world we currently live in it can sometimes be hard to find a good work/life balance, we posed the question, ‘what advice did your mum give you for achieving a good work/life balance?’ We also asked them what advice they would be ensuring they would pass onto their own children as a Mother.

Gloria – Office Co-Ordinator

“My mother always told me be true to myself and always enjoy what you do.


I would tell me boys to do their best and always have respect for others.”

Melisa – Special Projects Manager

“My mum always told me to never be satisfied with just ordinary, to go out and work hard for what you want – don’t wait for someone to come to you, make it happen yourself and hold yourself responsible for your own fate! 


For my kids, I would already pass on the same advice that my mum gave me, I try to instill a culture that keeps them happy, safe and hungry to always strive to be their best – to dream big always!”

Jan – Commercial Leasing Manager

“This is a hard one because in my mum’s day all the ‘work’ was within the household and for that generation there was not a lot of ‘life balance’ for women.  Her advice now is to make sure I find time for myself (something she never really did)… love your kids, love your work, but most of all love myself.  If you are happy and healthy then you will be the best mum and the best employee.


My advice to my boys is to not sweat the little things in life, every problem can be fixed, and the sun will come up again tomorrow. Our motto in our family is “no should haves in life”… only focus on what we can do moving forward”


Emma – Brand Manager, Emerging Brands

“The advice my mother gave me was to always make sure you stop at some point each day to just breath, take in the amazing life you have created as well and the life you are creating!  Always be proud of your achievements however great or small!, and of course never be afraid to ask for help, after all that’s what friends and family are for.   


Always follow your dreams because you can be whatever you want to be!”

Posted on 10/05/2018
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